Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Blackville School Student Receives Starfish Award from ASD-N

Grade 6 student Logan MacKeigan 
Grade 6 student Logan MacKeigan of Blackville School received the Starfish Award on September 15. He was nominated by Meredith Caissie, the Anglophone North School District (ASD-N) Director of Communications. 

This award acknowledges the significant contribution that individuals make to the students and staff of Anglophone North School District. 

Logan was recognized for his very impressive actions in response to an unknown visitor at the doors of Blackville School. 

While leading a group of his classmates to the bus, an individual who Mr. Logan had not recognized, buzzed in at the main doors. He immediately took action and stopped his friends from allowing the visitor to enter, until the office had approved. 

"His quick response was absolutely on point and exactly what we would want all of our students and staff to do. Logan put the safety and security of his school first, and I think he should be recognized for that," said Caissie.

"Blackville School is very proud of Logan's attentiveness to school policy and we are glad to have students like Logan at our school," added Principal Rodney Buggie. 

By Andrea Lynch