Monday, November 8, 2021

Senior Girls Soccer Team are the Provincial Champions

By Derek Gilchrist                                                                                                                              Photos by Jorja Donovan and Ed Gilchrist

Senior girls team and coaches with banner
The Senior girls soccer team capped off an incredible season this year by winning the provincial championship. 

The girls played amazing all year and went undefeated in league play, earning them a place in the regional final were they defeated Rogersville to earn the first seed. 

The girls then played and beat Fredericton Christian Academy 2-0 to get to the finals where they would end up with a rematch against Rogersville. 

The girls defeated Rogersville by a score of 3-1 to be crowned provincial champions. The goals were scored by Emma Byl, senior Kensen Brennan, and senior Dakota Curtis. The win is the first time the senior girls soccer team from Blackville has won a provincial banner for the school. Jorja Donovan, one of eight seniors on the team, expressed what it felt like winning the provincial championship in her senior year. "It was one of the best feelings in the world to win the banner in my senior year. We have come so far as a team since I was in grade nine, so it is nice to see all of our hard work pay off." 

Dakota Curtis who scored the game winning goal for the girls said, "Well if felt amazing, I mean it picked our team right back up again and I feel like the goal I scored instantly made the team feel more relaxed," She said.

Head coach of the senior girls team Matthew Sturgeon had this to say about how great the team played this year: "The team was buoyed all year by the eight graduating members: Kensen Brennan, Dakota Curtis, Jorja Donovan, Emma Hallihan, Amber Walls, Amy Walls, Drea Hallihan, and Layla Hallihan. These girls have been dedicated and committed to the team for the last four years and all their hard work payed off." 

"The team got a huge boost from grade eleven student Emma Byl, who had a terrific season." Coach Sturgeon would also like to thank Laura Colford and Jayna Brennan for all of their dedicated hours of practice, hard work, and commitment. 

The senior girls gave the village of Blackville a chance to celebrate with them by having a parade through Blackville, where people came out honking their car horns and celebrating with the team.