Friday, April 19, 2024

High School Student of the Week

Grade 12 student Jayda MacDonald is the High School Student of the Week. She was nominated by Mrs. A. Moody and Mr. Hallihan.

Mrs. A. Moody said, "Jayda has taken a keen interest in her co-op with Mrs. Waugh's Kindergarten class. She is both patient and kind and always enters the classroom with a positive outlook." 

Mr. Hallihan added, "Jayda has returned to Outdoor Education by getting a Personal Interest credit. She has taken on a leadership role in the class. Jayda is one to step up to get things done on our trips whether it is bottling syrup at Maritime Maples or sweeping the floor at John's Brophy's camp. She is a great addition to the course and I am happy to have her back!"

The other students nominated are Kale Hallihan and Jaclyn Gilchrist.
Congratulations to Jayda and the other nominees.