Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Live different foundation visits Blackville School

By Braden Coughlan

In this world there are thinkers and there are doers, the presenters from Live Different want students from Blackville School to be doers.

Live Different is an organization formed in 2004 that encourages people to live a different lifestyle, and not think about themselves so much. They travel to developing countries and build houses for the less fortunate, and support struggling people.

On Thursday, November 3, Blackville school was treated with a presentation from the organization, which included a musical performance from 2007 Canadian Idol winner Brian Melo.

Combining music and video, the presentation is lively and engaging while challenging students to think about how they can make a difference in the world. Live Different presenter Joseph said, “At first the kids were a little quiet, but near the midway point, they really started to get rowdy, and it was clear that they were enjoying themselves.”

Joseph’s advice for people who may be considering joining the foundation, is to just go for it while you are young, because it is such a rewarding thing - being able to help the less fortunate, and put a smile on a child’s face.

Over the last three months they have been to 45 different schools, and they have numerous locations planned, such as New Bandon, Sussex, Saint John and Fredericton.

A small group of students were able to participate in some extra activities with the group, Grade 12 student Taylar Curtis said, “I thought they were awesome, they talked about things that happen in other countries, but they also told us things that happen in Canada.”

Presently, some of the students at Blackville School are recruiting other students to get involved in an awareness campaign and raise money for Canadians in need.
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Left to right: Andrew Gillespie, Karlee Coughlan, Deborah Gilespie, Joy Yu, Meghan Nash, Paisley, Carly Nebbs, Erin Duffy, Vanessa Michaud, Morgan Coughlan.