Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grade 12 Biology Project

By: Nathalie Sturgeon

Blackville Schools students are being subject to a special experiment this year. Grade 12 students are testing students from different grade levels. They are learning how to test their reflexes in a term project introduced by their Biology teacher Mrs. Trudy Underhill.

The class was divided into several small groups and selected a certain project provided to them or they created a project themselves. Students will spend many days using a variety of different reflex tests to prove their ultimate hypothesis.

Morgan Coughlan and Taylor Fortune are enjoying their experiment. The students are looking at how texting on mobile devices affects students’ learning. Coughlan says she enjoys interacting with the other students.

Carly Hallihan and Melissa Underhill are using a computer simulation about the effects of texting and driving. While the students text they have to drive through open gates in the simulation. Hallihan says she expects to see higher percentages of open gates missed while texting.

Many students used the ruler drop for testing reflexes, including Lindsay Sullivan, Erin Duffy and Nathalie Sturgeon. Students who were tested from grade 1 said they really enjoyed the ruler drop, and many of them stated they like the older students who helped them.
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