Monday, November 14, 2011

Blackville students participate in Annual Take Your Kids to Work Day

By Braden Coughlan

The Grade 9 students of Blackville School were able to participate in an annual event that allows them to visit a place of work and spend the day as an employee.
On Wednesday November 2 the grade 9 students went to a place of work, to learn about their career. The point of the foundation is for students to learn about careers and prepare them for the future.
Grade 9 student Brody Nash went trucking with his father to the Bathurst and Chipman Mill, there he helped secure lumber on the back of the truck.
“This experience helped me a lot because it showed me that although my father does this, it is not the job for me. The best part of my day was just being able to spend time with my dad and listen to his co-workers,” Brody said.
The Annual Take Your Kid To Work Day, has completed its 17th year. The foundation truly proves to help kids work towards their career of choice.
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Andrew Gillespie