Thursday, December 8, 2011

Science in Action

By Nathalie Sturgeon
Carly Hallihan explains the experiment to Mandy Colford and Junior Vickers

Students from the grade 12 Biology class were in attendance with their experiments at a STEM (Science, Technology and Math) Expo that was recently held at James M. Hill Memorial High School.

Melissa Underhill and Carly Hallihan armed with a Wii and a cell phone brought their experiment about texting while driving. The experiment was titled “Texting Behind the WiiL.”

Alex Sturgeon, Brody Dunnett and James Vickers also went to the expo with their experiment “Game On.” They tested whether playing video games improves your reflexes.

Alex Sturgeon said he enjoyed viewing all the different and interesting experiments that were brought by other students at the expo. Another STEM expo will be held around the third week of March, and Blackville School anticipates entries for March.