Monday, October 7, 2013

The High School Student Council Executive

"School's In" podcast hosts Candace Purcell and Kyla Coughlan interview the high school student council executives.

This year, the Student Council Executive consists of two returning, and two new members. Listed below are the members who currently serve as President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, and Secretary, respectively. So, take this opportunity to meet the Student Council!

Cassandra Waugh:
(Front l-r): Graham Manderville, Mr. Tim Grattan, Candace Purcell,
(Back l-r): Cassandra Waugh and Whitney Tucker
                  I have been involved with the Student Council since ninth grade as both a Class Representative, and an Executive member. Last year, I was second vice, and am this year’s Student Council President. I hope to raise school spirit and see more student involvement to help create a more positive atmosphere around BHS. After attending the week long national leadership conference, CSLC, with Whitney Tucker, I believe that skills and activity ideas we learned while in attendance will definitely be put to good use this school year.

Whitney Tucker:
                  This is Whitney’s second year as a Student Council Executive member. Last year, she was Secretary, and is currently serving as First Vice President. Whitney had joined student council last year to become more involved with school affairs. This year, her personal goal for student council is to get more people involved with activities, and to raise school spirit, and participation levels.

Graham Manderville:
                  Graham is a grade eleven student and Second Vice of the Student Council Executive. This is his first year on student council. He hopes to get the student council more involved with sporting events, such as soccer or basketball games, that are going on at the school. He has also set the goal to encourage other students to become involved with sports and other activities that go on in the high school community.

Candace Purcell:
                  Candace is a grade twelve student, and secretary of the Student Council Executive. As her first year on the council, she had decided to run for secretary after feeling that she had wanted to be a more involved student. She hopes to raise school spirit, and make everyone feel like they belong.

                  Personally, I feel privileged to have such an outstanding group of people to work with, and feel that this year will be a complete success!

Written by Cassandra Waugh