Friday, October 4, 2013

Athletes of the Week

High School Female Athlete
Amelia Underhill
"She is awesome as a goalie and she kept all opposing goals out of the net all week," said Coach Rhonda Vickers. Amelia is playing goalkeeper for the Golden Eagles this year. She also plays volleyball and outside of school she loves to play the guitar and sing.

High School Male Athlete 
Joseph Hallihan
"He deserves Athlete of the Week due to his tireless efforts in practices and games," said Coach Rodney Buggie. Joe is number 5 for the Golden Eagles and he also plays mid-field. Outside of school he likes playing video games and hanging out at TODH.

Elementary Blue Athlete
Hudson Underhill 
"Hudson is an overall great team player," said Coach Holly McEvoy. Hudson's soccer number is 14 and his favourite position to play is center. Outside of school he loves to ride his bike.

Elementary Gold Athlete
Amber Walls
"Amber gives 110% every game and she never missed a game yet," said Coach Brandon Ryan. The number she wears is 59 and her favourite position to play in soccer is forward. Outside of school she likes to jump on the trampoline.