Friday, October 18, 2013

Athletes of the Week

High School Female Athlete
Brooke Underhill
"Brooke gives 100%; she is always there and she is always willing to help," said Coach Rhonda Vickers. Brooke is number 11 and plays forward for the Golden Eagles. Other sports she plays are hockey and basketball. Outside of school she loves to Snapchat Sten and Ken. 

High School Male Athlete 
Cleve Morehouse
"Cleve has 100% leadership on and off the field," said Coach Rodney Buggie. Cleve is number 4 and plays sweeper. He also plays hockey and outside of school he enjoys hanging out at TODH and playing xbox.

Middle School Female Athlete
Abby Donovan
"Abby scored goals this week, and she is always giving 100% in games!" said Coach Matthew Sturgeon. Abby is number 2 and she plays right mid-field. She also plays hockey, volleyball, basketball and track and field! Outside of school she likes to play on her laptop.

Middle School Male Athlete 
Denver Donovan
"Denver scored 3 goals in only 2 games!" said Coach Brandon Ryan. Denver is number 10 and his favorite position to play is forward. Other sports he plays are hockey, baseball and volleyball. Outside of school he loves to play sports!

Elementary Gold Athlete
Reese Urquhart 
"Reese is a tough player. She got injured a few times, but she always get right back up!" said Coach Holly McEvoy. Reese is number 25 and her favourite position is forward. She also plays hockey and she enjoys to read outside of school.

Kensen Brennan
"Kenson was chosen for Athlete of the Week for finishing first in her latest cross country race!" said Coach Brandon Ryan. Kensen also plays soccer and hockey and in her spare time she loves to run around!

Article and photos by Kiersten Brennan and Kendra Underhill