Tuesday, October 22, 2013

People's Picks

Student of the Week:

Mackenzie Colford was chosen for student of the week at Blackville High School. Mackenzie is a new student at Blackville High in grade 11. He was chosen for his hard work and participation in Culinary class.

Teacher of the Week:

Mr. Grattan was chosen for Teacher of the Week at Blackville High School. Mr. Grattan is a well liked teacher by the other teachers at Blackville school and the students. Mr. Grattan is very dedicated to his job and always does it with a smile on his face. His favourite thing about his job is that he gets to work with the students and their sense of accomplishment when they learn new things. Mr. Grattan studied at St. Thomas, NBCC and UNB Fredericton. In his spare time he likes to read and go driving  on his motorcycle with his wife.
Staff of the Week:

The staff member of the week is the school's administrative assistant Loretta Gorbett. This is her first year working at Blackville School as a full time administrative assistant. We asked Loretta what she likes best about her job, and she said she loves working around the students, and just being at Blackville School. In Loretta's spare time she coaches multiple sports and arranges bus tours. We also asked her who she would like to go to dinner with, living or dead, and she chose Loretta Lynn because she was named after her.