Friday, November 13, 2020

Timberwolves Diary: Currently Tied for Best Record in the League

Team Update

This week in the Timberwolves diary the Timberwolves split one game apiece Vs. the Fredericton Red Wings in a two game weekend series. The Timberwolves are hoping for another good weekend with one game Vs. the Campbellton Tigers this weekend. 

The Timberwolves are off to a good start to the season having three wins and one loss in the first four games that gives them the best record in their division and currently tied for best record in the league. 

The Wolves have been led so far by captain Spencer Blackwell who has 8 points (4 goals, 4 assist) in 4 games and also by goaltender Daniel Moody who has a 3-1 record so far.

Personal Update

So far I have enjoyed my time with the Wolves and have found balancing my school work between hockey not too bad. It has been a big change for sure in the different type of hockey I'm playing and the style of life I live now.

Going from living at my billets to back home full time has been a change and transferring from a bigger school to Blackville School which is a lot smaller has been a big adjustment also.

Working out my classes and trying to set up my schedule has been the hardest part so far, but I’m getting into a routine now and understand what I got to do to be successful this year.

by William Schofield 

William Schofield is a grade 12 student at Blackville School who plays for the Miramichi Timberwolves.