Thursday, November 5, 2020

Athletes of the Month

Andrea Lynch
Andrea Lynch and Reese Urquhart were chosen for October's Female Athletes of the Month. Mr. Sturgeon explained they were chosen for their leadership and dedication to the senior girls soccer team, even throughout "a strange and difficult season." 

"They led by example, played hard on both ends of the field, and were a positive influence for younger members of the team, while impacting the game on every possession," he added.

Reese Urquhart
The High School Male Athlete of the Month for October is Caleb Gillespie. Caleb won the NBIAA Male Athlete of the Month during the last school year in February. He helped lead the Senior Boys Soccer team to success this season on the defensive line. 

“Caleb’s leadership, dedication and work ethic is second to none. His attributes carry over into the game, and he is a wonderful role model for his teammates and our school. Congratulations Caleb,” said Mr. Buggie. 
Caleb Gillespie

As hockey season is beginning, it will be interesting and exciting to see Gillespie perform on the ice.

By Andrea Lynch and Keaton Walls