Friday, November 6, 2020

Teachers of the Week

Name: Jennifer Underhill
Age (or what you tell people): 25+22
What you teach: English 9, 11 and History 11
Favourite subject to teach: English
Hobbies: Reading and walking
How many years teaching: 22
Dream job: I'm doing it :)
Favourite song: Wheat Kings
Favourite TV show/movie: Silence of the Lambs

Our first favourite teacher this week is the Mrs. Jennifer Underhill.
She deserves this award because she is a joy to be around inside and out of the classroom.

Name: Melissa O'Keefe
Age (or what you tell people): 37
What you teach: Math and Science
Favourite subject to teach: Math
Hobbies: Snowmobiling
How many years teaching: 12
Dream job: (win the lotto or not work)
Favourite song: Harper Valley P.T.A
Favourite TV show/movie: Friends

Our second teacher this week is Mrs O'Keefe.
She is awarded this award due to her hard work and dedication for the youth of Blackville.