Friday, November 27, 2020

Eagles Hockey Pre-Season Comes to an End

Grade 12 student Preston Gillespie 
had a goal in every pre-season hockey game 
As the Senior boys hockey team's pre-season has come to an end, the regular season begins on Sunday. The boys finish with a not so good record of 1 win and 4 losses. 

The boys are in a new league due to Covid-19. This new league is a mixture of AA and AAA of all the teams in the north.

In the first game of the year, the boys went to WAL - Tracadie. It was a tough first game and was an eye opener for the boys. The final score was 9-3.

The second game was in Renous and the boys played PLM - Caraquet. They started the game flying and finished the game the same way. The boys won 6-4. The third game the boys sent off to PLM and couldn’t do the same. They lost by a score of 6-4. 

The final two preseason games were against JMH. The team was not playing their best and the scores showed. The first game the boys lost 9-3, and the second game 10-2.

Preston Gilliespie had a goal in every pre-season game. 

The boys are looking to start the regular season off with a win against WAL this Sunday in Renous, at 2:15.