Thursday, December 3, 2020

Teachers of the Week

Name: Tracey Lee McCormack
Age (or what you tell people): 54
What you teach: Culinary, Housing, PDCP
Favourite subject to teach: Nutrition
Hobbies: Walking
How many years teaching: 20+
Dream job: Teaching 
Favourite TV show/movie: Friends

Name: Ashley Cortes
Age (or what you tell people: 32
What you teach: Grade 5
Favourite subject to teach: Science
Hobbies: Reading/playing sports
How many years teaching: 8
Dream job: Teacher
Favourite song: Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker
Favourite TV show/movie: Grey's Anatomy/Any Disney movie!

Our teachers this week have been picked thanks to their great attitudes
in the classroom and the awesome job they do as teachers.