Monday, June 14, 2021

High School Recognition Ceremony 2021

The Annual Recognition Ceremony for high school students was held on Friday, June 11. The event served to recognize students who go the extra mile in extracurricular and academics through a presentation of many awards.

Caleb Gillespie and Preston Gillespie (grade 12) and Andrea Lynch (grade 12) were awarded the Male and Female Athletes of the Year. Their names will now be commemorated on the wall of Eagles in the gym.

Andrea Lynch (grade 12) and Keaton Walls (grade 12) were awarded the Outstanding Female and Male Academic and Extra Curricular Activities. This is the second time Keaton has received the award as he received it when he was in grade 10.

Reese Urquhart (grade 12) was awarded the Fenton Sturgeon Memorial Award. This is presented to a grade 12 student who has participated in sports through all four years of high school, with special consideration given to those who have volunteered their time to coach young athletes outside of school.

The Middle School recognition ceremony will be held on June 25. 

For more photos from the event, click here

Photos by Chloe Hambrook