Tuesday, November 17, 2015

People's Picks (Nov.16-20)

Student of the week is Ava Walls. Ava is in Mrs. Manderville's class. She enjoys the TV show Hotel Transylvania, and she likes the colour pink. Her favourite food is pizza, and after school she likes to play soccer. 

Teacher of the week is Ms. Hogan. Ms. Hogan is a very focused teacher here in our elementary. She is good with all of her students and works hard. She likes the TV series The Walking Dead. After school is done for the day, she enjoys going home and taking her dog for walks. Ms. Hogan's favourite food is spaghetti, and she likes the colour purple. 

Staff member of the week is Tammy Donavan. Tammy is a dedicated hard working staff member here at Blackville School. She is a very nice person. Her favourite TV show is The Walking Dead. She also enjoys pizza and the colour purple. She also likes to read.

Composed by Philip Underhill & Jacob Donahue