Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Outdoor Pursuits 110: Survival of the Fittest

(l-r) Marshall Curtis, Tannar Maderville,
Calvin Furlong, Tyler Gorbett,
Mr. Mackinnon, Hally Ross
and Cody Taylor
Mr. Mackinnon and his outdoor pursuits class have been hard at work with their debris shelters.

Students could work on the shelters in groups or on their own. They stayed out over night on Thursday, November 19.

Only six stayed the night out of 19 in the class. Those students were Calvin Furlong, Marshall Curtis, Hally Ross, Tannar Manderville, Cody Taylor and Tyler Gorbett.

Mr. Mackinnon treated the six students to a breakfast at Burke's Diner.

Shelter photos by Calvin Furlong