Monday, November 2, 2015

Obstacle Course Champions

Recently at BHS the middle school (grades 6-8) participated in an elite obstacle course made by Mr. Paul McKinnon. All runners did an excellent job completing the course.

According to MacKinnon, a teacher at Blackville School, the first attempt was "a rough going over" due to weather conditions at lunch time. But later, during a second attempt, it went much smoother.

MacKinnon believed the first try was not as successful because of the lack of help and the fact the equipment was occupied by students who were not competing. The poor weather conditions played a major factor.

With the help of the outdoor pursuits class and suitable weather, the top 6 boys and girls from each class got a second chance to run the course. Each of the winners above received $10 Subway peelers.

The high school outdoor pursuits class even got the chance to run the course (grades 11 and 12) and their times were beaten by the middle school students. This led MacKinnon to state that the high school students may possibly need a fitness plan in the near future.

Overall the activity was a huge success with the middle school students. Everyone participated and had a great time leaving the students wanting to have another obstacle course in the near future.

Here are the winners:
Ryan Moody was the Grade 6 boys Champ with an impressive time of 1:17.
Helena Arbeau finished first for the Grade 6 girls category in 1:20 seconds.
Finishing first for the Grade 8 girls was Hayley Underhill with a smashing time of 1:24.
Reese Urquhart ran an impressive 1:27 to capture first for the grade 7 girls. 
Drake Donovan sprinted his way to an incredible time of 1:19 in the Grade 8 boys category. 
Article and photos by Bailey Couglan and Michael Waugh