Wednesday, November 25, 2015

People's Picks (Nov. 23-27)

Teacher of the week is "Grampy" Mr. Grattan. With that white head and serious face he shows that he has lots of experience. Which is why he was picked. Mr. Grattan's favourite show is Criminal Minds and he enjoys country music. After school his favourite thing to do is to go home. His best friend is his wife Brenda. Last but not least, his favourite hobby is to ride his motorcycle.

Student of the week is Sarah Jardine. Sarah is currently a grade 11 student at Blackville School. Her favourite show/movie is The Vow. After school Sarah likes to watch TV. Sarah's favourite song is She's With Me and her best friend is Kailey Donovan. Her favourite hobby is doing hair.

Staff member of the week is Diana. Diana is an amazing janitor here and her work is extremely appreciated. She works hard to keep our school clean. Diana's best friend is her fellow staff member, Brent Wilson. After school she enjoys laying back on the couch and watching TV. Her favourite movie is the Christmas movie Elf. Diana's favourite type of music is country, and her favourite hobby is ATVing. 

Articles and photos by Jacob Donahue, Philip Underhill and Amelia Underhill