Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Seniors Boys Soccer Team Brings Home Provincial Championship Win

The Blackville Senior Boys Soccer Team
The Blackville Senior Boys Soccer Team were the Provincial Champions at the end of the day on Saturday, November 7 in Minto, NB.

The team finished the regular season with an 8-1-1 record.  The team won its two games on Saturday with a shoot out after the regulation scores of 1-1 in both games.

Below are reactions from the some of the team players as will as the coach and Blackville principal, Rodney Buggie.

Questions: (Answered by players in listed order)

How does it feel to be a Provincial Champ?
What do you think was the key to winning?
How did the team Play overall? 
Were there certain players you thought stepped up in the games?
Any other comments/thoughts no Provincials? 

Jonah Peterson
"It is indescribable how good it feels"
"Teamwork and dedication was key to success"
"Team played very strong overall"
"Everybody stepped up in their own ways"
"There is no better way to end off my soccer career than winning a provincial championship"

Wyatt "Loman" Vickers
"Pretty good... It's nice"
"Hard work and heart"
"Pretty good... Everyone played to their full potential."
"Yes, Jonah Peterson stepped up to the plate"
"Feels good to end the year off with the Provincial win"

Hugo White-O'Connell
"Playing as a team was the key"
"Pretty good"
"Joe, Jonah and everybody really stepped up"
"Best year ever."

Riley Keenan
"Feels great"
"Confidence and team work"
"Played great, a lot of players had some strong leadership skills"
"Everyone played to their full potential all year"
"Go Eagles"

Peyton Gillespie
"Pretty good"
"Hard work"
"Pretty good"
"No comments"

Coach Buggie
"It feels great. It's my first in 11 years, since 2004 - 2005.
"Key to winning- team effort and not giving in when we were down 1-0 in both games (semi final)
Overall the team was consistent, we were creating chances, plus knew the goals were going to come.
Joe Hallihan, Alex Hallihan, Jonah Peterson, Dylan (goalie) Riley Keenan, Daniel Richard, Daniel Moody. As a whole the team was very successful, and were all excited but still unselfish.
Still excited about the win.

Article by Bailey Coughlan and Michael Waugh
Photo by Laura Jardine