Friday, October 21, 2016

People's Picks (October 17-21)

The elementary student of the week is Tally Luce in grade 4M. Mrs. McLean chose Tally to be the student of the week because she helps other people without being asked. Tally loves to watch Sponge Bob. This year Tally is going to be a Zombie for Halloween. Tally was very excited to be this week's student of the week. 

The elementary teacher of the week is Mrs. Norton. Mrs Norton's favourite part about being a teacher is getting to spend lots of time with all of the little boys and girls. Mrs. Norton's favourite TV show is This Is Us. Mrs. Norton's favourite thing about the fall season is watching all of the trees turn pretty colours. Mrs. Norton was very excited to be the elementary teacher of the week. 

The Blackville School staff member of the week is Brent Wilson. Brent's favourite thing about working at this school is that he gets to torment all of the student and staff members. Brent loves to watch the TV show American Pickers. On his spare time Brent loves to sleep, and he also loves to spend time with his grandson, Tristen. Brent was very proud to be the staff member of the week.

Articles and photos by Laura Sturgeon and Sarah Jardine