Wednesday, October 5, 2016

People's Pick (Oct 3-7)

The student of the week is grade 11 Jared Keenan. Jared was nominated for student of the week by Mr. T. Grattan. Jared got student of the week because he is a hard worker in class, and he is a very co-operative student. Jared is friendly and polite to other students and is always smiling.

This week we asked the high school students to vote for their favourite teacher. When we tallied the votes, Mr. Johnston got the majority! Mr. A. Johnston is one of the student's favourite teachers because he is very funny. He is also fun to learn from in class. He always keeps things interesting and class is never boring with him. He is kind and loves to help.

Loretta loves working at the school because she loves all the kids. She was very surprised to receive staff member of the week. When she was told that she got the staff member of the week she said that she was "jumping with joy." Loretta is a person that always can put a smile on people's face and the students love her. She is very much appreciated in our school, and she is a welcoming face to see everyday.