Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Top Ten Halloween Movies to Watch This Year

With Halloween coming shortly, there's no better way than to celebrate with some spooky movies. Below is a list of bone-chilling movies that everyone will enjoy.

10. Girl vs. Monster - In this adventurous, spooky Disney movie, Skylar discovers that her parents are monster hunters when she lets monsters out of a secret chamber in her house. Along with her friends, she must go on an adventure to capture the revenge-seeking monsters.

9. Spooky Buddies - The movie features the adorable, well-known puppies and their adventures in a haunted mansion!

8. Casper - This genuine, comical movie includes the adventures of four ghosts; one is friendly and lovable and three that are a bit on the mischievous side.

7. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble - The Olsen twins star in this lovable movie. Their family is having money troubles and and are on the verge of losing their house. Shortly after the news of this, the twins discover that their Aunt Agatha is a witch and is the source for all of their problems, including losing the house. The girls set out on a quest to take the magic moon stone (the source of her powers) from their evil aunt.

6. Scared Shrekless - This movie, as you can tell by its title, features the lovable and well-known Shrek and his pals! They get themselves into trouble when they try to put on a scary story contest, but soon find out that they will have to stay the night in Lord Farquad's haunted mansion.

5. Twitches - This Disney movie follows two tween witches that were separated after they were born and adopted by two different families. The girls finally end up meeting on their 21st birthdays, and find out that their birth mother needs them to use their powers to save the spooky world where they were born.

4. Return to Halloweentown - Following the many movies of Halloweentown, this movie follows the main characters Marnie and Dylan, who decide to go to college at Halloweentown University. The college is also known as Witch University, where they find themselves into a bit of trouble because of the magical powers.

3. Halloweentown High - In this drama-filled Halloween movie, the gang wish to attend their local high school. The only downside? If they do attend they have to do so under certain circumstances. If they cause trouble at the school, they will end up losing all of their powers! Unsurprisingly, they do bring trouble to the school, but not the kind that they would expect. The Knight of the Iron Dagger comes to the mortal world to bring down Marnie and her friends!

2. Halloweentown II: Kalabars Revenge - The Cromwell family respectfully divides their time between "Halloweentown" (a world in which the magical monsters can escape and be themselves) and the real world. A son of their old rival threatens to reveal the monsters' world, and Marnie is the only one who can save things!

1. Halloweentown - These well-known spooky movies features the world of the monsters in Halloweentown.  When a teenage girl named Marnie learns that she is a witch, she is given a responsibility to take care of a whole other world with supernatural monsters. This one is a family favourite!

by Samantha Arsenault and Rayna MacVicar