Thursday, October 27, 2016

People's Picks (October 24-28)

The high school teacher of the week is Ms. C. Underhill. Ms. Underhill's favourite thing about being a teacher at Blackville School is that she loves working with all the students every day. We asked Ms. Underhill what her favourite movie was, and she chose the movie Couples Retreat. We also asked her what she enjoys doing in her spare time, and she said that she likes to relax and watch TV. Ms. C. Underhill was very excited to receive teacher of the week.

High school student of the week is Chloe Donovan. Mr. Carter chose Chloe to be student of the week. Chloe is always friendly and positive, and she works well with all of the other students. Chloe is a hard worker and always has a smile on her face. We asked Chloe if she is going to the Halloween dance this Thursday and she said she was going and could not wait. Chloe said that she is dressing up as a Care Bear for the dance. Chloe's favourite movie is The Amazing Spider Man. Chloe also prefers candy apples over caramel apples. 

The staff member of the week is Lisa Sturgeon. She was very surprised to win staff member of the week. Lisa's favourite thing about working at the school is all of the kids. She loves to work with them and see them learn new things. In her pastime, Lisa likes to relax and watch some of her favourite TV shows.

Photos and article by Sarah Jardine and Laura Sturgeon