Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2017-2018 House of Commons Page Program

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Are you a young Canadian interested in listening to the heated parliamentary debates? Would you be interested in learning about Canadian politics first hand? If so, the Page Program is for you! The Page program provides young Canadians with a year-long phenomenal experience with fellow young Canadians.

House of Commons Pages are selected from High Schools and CEGEPs all over Canada. In the chamber and around Parliament Hill, Pages live and breathe the history and action of one of Canada's oldest political institutions. These students work in the House of Commons at the same time as they're beginning their studies at a university in the National Capital Region. They will also make friendships and memories that will last a whole lifetime.

Pages play a big role in the communications network on Parliament Hill. They deliver important messages and documents to Members, they link Members to their Hill offices, and they serve House officials in various capacities. They are constantly on the go.

2017-2018 Pages will be contracted to work for one year at the House of Commons, beginning in August 2017. Their work schedule will be coordinated with their university schedule and they work a minimum 15 hours a week. In 26 equal payments, a total of $15, 455 will be paid to the Pages throughout the work term. Also, a sum of $1, 200 will be paid when the contract is successfully completed in August 2018.

Candidates must:

  • Have Canadian citizenship or permanent residency
  • Be graduating from a secondary school or a CEGEP (with no academic interruptions) and beginning full time university studies in September 2017.
  • Have an overall academic average of minimum 80%
  • Be able to communicate effectively in both official languages, as evaluated by the House of Commons.
  • Apply to a university in the National Capital Region, be accepted and accept the offer of admission.

Admission deadline: Monday, December 5, 2016

For more information, click here or contact:
House of Commons Page Program (Recruitment)
Human Resources Services
131, Queen Street, Room 11-35, Floor 11
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6