Thursday, November 17, 2016

People's Picks November 14-18

The high school teacher of the week is Ms. T. Underhill. Ms. Underhill's favourite class to teach is Biology 122 (and all the other ones), but mainly Biology 122. We also asked her what she loves most about working at the school, and she said she loves to watch the students grow and mature. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her children, Hayley and Owen and also going to the gym. Ms. Underhill said that if she could give any advice to her students she would tell them to take ownership for their own actions. Ms. Underhill said that when she was a high school student she loved Biology.

The high school student of the week is Jacob Mercer in Grade 9. Ms. T. Underhill chose Jacob to be the student of the week because he is always putting forth a good effort. We asked Jacob a few questions about himself. He said he was very surprised to be chosen as the student of the week. Jacob's favourite subject is English because he finds it the easiest out of all the other ones. Jacob enjoys playing basketball in his spare time. In grade 9 the students went to work with someone for the day, so we thought we would ask him where he went. He said he went with his Uncle Roland Sturgeon, and he built a deck with him. He really enjoyed his day with him.

The staff member of the week is Tammy Donovan. Tammy said she loves working with the kids the most. In her spare time, she loves to go for a walk. Tammy said that if she could give some advice to the little kids that she teaches, she would tell them to always be kind and to be a good friend. Tammy said that when she was in high school she loved history.

Photos and article by Sarah Jardine and Laura Sturgeon