Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bullying Awareness Week

Photo by Jensen Urquhart 
Blackville School is participating in activities throughout the school as part of Bullying Awareness Week (November 14-18). In the open area of the school, there are several sticky notes posted on the large bulletin board. Students are encouraged to write compliments to anyone they choose, whether it be a friend, teacher or staff member, for all to see.

This will hopefully brighten someone's day, if they walk by and see something nice written about themselves. It a great feeling to know that others appreciate you. 

An apology box is also set up in the school's office. This gives students an opportunity to write an anonymous apology to someone. 

On Wednesday students should try their hardest to perform at least one act of kindness. The effects of one simple kind act, may be greater than we realize.  

Thursday, the last day of the week for students, is pink t-shirt day, where everyone is encouraged to wear at least one article of pink clothing. 

Bullying Awareness week should be taken seriously, as it is a very prominent issue in our society today. Everyone has been affected by bullying in one way or another, whether it be directly, or by knowing someone who has been a victim.

By Jensen Urquhart & Samantha Stockless