Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Grade 9 Students Donate $300 to Local SPCA

From left to right, Chloe Hambrook, Tyra Martin, Amber Hambrook,
Tara Martin. Missing Emily Stewart and Lydia Sullivan. 
Grade 9 students Amber Hambrook, Tara Martin, Chloe Hambrook, Tyra Martin, Emily Stewart, and Lydia Sullivan donated $300 to the Miramichi SPCA.

Originally, the six girls were fundraising for a rainbow crosswalk to be painted on the entrance stairs of the school for their group which they call the GSA (Genders and Sexualities Alliance).

Through their grade 7 and grade 8 years of school, the girls held numerous bake sales and made close to $1000.

Instead of painting the crosswalk, they decided to donate $300 of the $1000 to the SPCA and give the rest of their money to their 2023 graduation fund.

Emily Stewart explained, "...we wanted to donate to the SPCA because we all really care about animals and wanted it to go to something we care about."

Congratulations, girls! Blackville School is proud of your generosity and kindness.