Thursday, December 5, 2019

People's Picks for December 2

This week's winner of People's Picks is grade 12 student Aiden Keenan. Aiden just transferred to Blackville school this year for the full senior year experience after being homeschooled for the past 12 years.

Despite his short time here, he has made quite the impression on students and staff. Aiden was chosen by his homeroom teacher Mrs. Brophy, because she has heard wonderful things about him and he is never late for homeroom. We also spoke to Aiden's Math teacher, Mr. Grattan, who said "Aiden is the hardest working student in my class," and his History student-teacher, Mrs. Barry, who said that Aiden had a great interest in the subject and a vast knowledge of historical events.

Aiden was quite pleased about the recognition. "I feel pretty good. I didn't expect Mrs. Brophy to choose me, but it's nice that she hears good things. I'm so honoured, and I will continue to keep up my hard work."

Congratulations, Aiden! Keep up the good work.