Thursday, December 19, 2019

People's Picks - December 18

For this week's edition of People's Picks, we asked Grade 12 student Abby Keenan who her favourite Blackville High School staff member was.

Abby enthusiastically chose Brent Wilson, a janitor here at BHS. Brent has been employed at Blackville School for the past 18 years, first as a bus driver and then as part of the janitorial staff.

Abby chose Brent because of his wonderful attitude and because he always goes out of his way to talk to students in the halls and make them feel welcome.

Brent was very shocked but also very happy with his win. "Wow! I feel pretty good right now." Brent also said that the best advice he could give the rest of the students and staff is to stay happy. "I always try to be happy, and it's gotten me pretty far."

Just yesterday, Brent witnessed four high school students participating in a recent dance trend born on the social media platform, TikTok. Instead of ignoring them, like most people probably would, Brent hopped in the video and showed off his amazing dance skills. Talk about a boomer with rhythm. This is just one example of Brent's ability to make students happy, no matter the circumstances.

Congratulations, Brent! Keep up the good work! Click here for a link to Brent's TikTok or see the video posted below.