Friday, October 27, 2017

Eagles Make History

Denver Donovan
The Senior Boys and Senior Girls soccer teams have made Blackville School history this season.

The boys and girls have both finished first place in the Northern Conference, a feat that has never happened before.  Both teams have battled hard all season to finish at the top of their respective leagues.

The Boys went undefeated in regular season action, with a record of 9-0-1.  While the Girls also had an almost perfect season with a record of 6-1-5.  Both teams have been playing the best soccer the school has seen in a long time.  Check the history books, because this is the first time that both of our High School Soccer teams are heading into Regionals in the number one slots.
The first High School Girls Soccer team began in 1995.  In the 22 years we have had both boys and girls soccer, this has never been done before.

At the beginning of the season, each player had personal goals, but also a team goal, which was to make it to provincials.  Both teams are on route to making their dreams come true.

Principal and Senior Boys coach, Rodney Buggie, said " We are very proud of both teams because this is a first for our school having both boys and girls finishing first in the North. We have high expectations for our teams and feel confident that they can move onto Provincials next weekend."

The Senior Boys will play their biggest game of the season Saturday, October 28 in front of their hometown crowd against Rogersville.  The Boys are going to come out firing on all cylinders and ready to go.  They are looking for a redemption shot at Provincials, after coming up just short of the Provincial Finals in the previous season.

Keeper, K.C. Hallihan
Senior Girls Coach Matthew Sturgeon said, "I think we have a really good chance of advancing to the provincials this weekend if we play our game. We are playing our best soccer of the season right now, and if we can continue that trend, I like our chances against any "A" team in the province."

The Senior Girls travel to Saint-Louis-de-Kent on Saturday, October 28th, in their do or die game Vs. Petitcodiac Regional.  They have a hard battle ahead of them, but they have the skill and potential to finish strong.  This is the Girls' first return to Regionals since the 2015 season.

The Eagles have an abundance of hometown support for this upcoming weekend.  The High School Boys are expecting a full house at home on Saturday, and the Girls will definitely be bringing their fan base for support on the road as well.  The Blackville community has always had a strong love for soccer.  They have two teams that could make them very proud.  The entire community is rooting for them in their biggest games of the season.

By Marlee Schofield and Daniel Richard