Thursday, October 19, 2017

People's Picks (Middle School)

The student of the week is Peyton Jardine of grade 6. Peyton was chosen by Mr. Lenhert. Mr. Lenhert decided to pick Peyton because she is a hard worker and always has a good attitude. Peyton's favourite class is gym, and her favourite movie is Megan Leavy. Peyton's favourite song is "Lose Yourself" by Eminem.

The teacher of the week is Mrs. P. Davidson. Ms. Davidson was chosen by Hudson Underhill of grade 8. Hudson decided to pick Ms. Davidson because "she is chill." Mr. Davidson said her favourite food is Mexican and her favourite Holiday is Thanksgiving. Ms. Davidson's favourite thing to do is spend time with family.

The staff of the week is Loretta Gorbett. Loretta was chosen by Emma Hallihan of grade 8. Emma decided to pick her because she is a very nice, and a good secretary. Loretta, said her favourite time of the day is 3:45 pm when she gets to go home, and her favourite movie is Twilight. Her favourite song is "Geronimo."