Friday, October 27, 2017

Eagles Off to Regionals

(Jesse Frenette, Preston Gillespie and Aaron Walls)
The Senior Boys and Senior Girls soccer teams have taken the first step towards the road to Provincials.  The boys have gone undefeated all season long in regular season play and are now set to host the Northeast Regionals on Saturday, October 28.  The girls have finished 1st in their respective league, and are on route to regionals.

Both teams are prepared for two hard-fought battles knowing that their first games are a do or die mission.  It will be a pressure-packed situation, especially in front of the hometown crowd for the boys.  Both teams are extremely strong and have come through when needed all season long.

We caught up with some Senior Boys players to see what hosting means to them.

Senior Striker Aaron Walls said, "It is great having the home field advantage and not having to go away to play."

"I think it's a good privilege to show what Blackville School is made out of.  It's a good advantage because we are used to our field," said Keeper Jacob Mercer.

"Personally, I see it as a great achievement and going to be a good advantage.  We practice all year long on this field and I am sure the boys will want to play even harder on their home ground. We have to keep our focus and work hard; winning is not just going to come to us because we are hosting." Said Senior Midfielder Jesse Frenette.

"It is a great privilege to host regionals, and it will help fire us up having our hometown crowd behind us," said Sweeper Denver Donovan.

Boys Stopper Garett Donohue said, "We get to enjoy the excitement of our fans, and are able to get the hometown crowd into it".

Rookie Striker Preston Gillespie said," I am very excited to have this opportunity in my first season. We have to work hard and play as a team; we've had a great season so far, and just have to keep pushing ourselves each game.  Teamwork makes the dream work."

Senior Fullback Daniel Richard said, "Hosting regionals is something I've always wanted to experience.  Our fans make the biggest difference because they get into it and help raise our teams energy.  Hosting helps us big time because we know our field so well and practice here all year.  We have to work hard this week, and can't underestimate any team this weekend.  If we can stay focused and do that we should have a strong weekend."

(Tori Sullivan, Piper Duffy & Erin Moody)
We also caught up with some Senior Girls players to see what their expectations are for this coming weekend.

"I am excited because we never made it that far and I think we will do well," said Rookie Fullback Andrea Lynch.

Senior Striker Erin Moody said, "I'm excited for my second chance at regionals.  I feel that we have a solid chance at advancing to provincials.  Our team has a lot of potential and skill, we definitely deserve to be here, and we just have to continue proving ourselves each game."

Senior Fullback Marlee Schofield said, "I am super fired up to head into regionals, especially in the first place slot.  The Senior players have one more kick at the can, and I am hoping that we will go all the way; I know that we are capable of it.  All season long we've came up huge when we needed to and as long as we keep the right mentality going into the game we can come out on the winning end.  It's one final push for glory, and I know that we will leave it all out on the field."

German Exchange Student,Carla Ahad, said, "It is my first ever regionals and first season here.  I am excited for this opportunity."

Keeper K.C. Hallihan said,  "I am very excited, I'm hoping to get a big win and head to provincials."

"I am super happy that we made it this far, I am hoping to move onto provincials and bring home the banner," says Stopper, Maggie Jardine.

As the Senior Girls travel to Saint-Louis-de-Kent to take on Petitcodiac Regional, the Senior Boys play Rogersville on our home field.  Don't forget to come out to support the boys in their final push for provincials.  The bigger the crowd, the bigger the noise, all support is welcome. Good luck Eagles!

By Marlee Schofield and Daniel Richard