Friday, October 27, 2017

Eagles Alumni Recognized For Amazing Season

Aaron Dunn (
Aaron Dunn, member of the UNB Cougars Baseball team has had an amazing year.  Dunn's great season earned him two very prestigious awards for his team.  Aaron received Rookie of the Year and Pitcher of the Year for UNB's 2017 baseball season.

Dunn was told the great news last Thursday, October 19, and he could not believe it.  He thought he had no chance of winning either award. 

At the beginning of the short season he was not expected to play a huge role on the team, but as the season progressed he continued to prove his dominance, game in and game out.

Dunn, who did not even know if he was going to make the final cut for the team this season, never gave up and continued to play hard every chance he got. 

He is a great example of what BHS athletes are made of.  Blackville is definitely very proud to be able to call Dunn an Eagle.  Once an Eagle always an Eagle.

By Daniel Richard and Marlee Schofield