Friday, October 27, 2017

Elementary People's Picks for October 27

The Student of the Week is Levi Walls, chosen by Madame Haché. Madame Haché chose Levi because he is always listening, doing what he is supposed to and is always ready to learn. When interviewing Levi, he said his favourite sport was hockey, his favourite food is pancakes, and his favourite class is French. 

The Teacher of the Week is Mrs. Sobey, chosen by Amelia Chaisson. Amelia chose Mrs. Sobey because she is the best teacher ever. When interviewing Mrs. Sobey, she said her favourite song was Humble and Kind by Tim Mcgraw, her favourite movie is The Notebook, and her favourite time of day is 2:00 pm.

The Staff of the Week is Andrea Donohue, chosen by Landon Underhill. Landon chose Andrea because she's the best, and she is very nice. When interviewing Andrea, she said her favourite holiday is Halloween, her favourite food is pasta, and her favourite thing to do is hang out with friends.

By Maddie Underhill, Janet Jardine and Jaime Vickers