Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kids Korner: Best Halloween Costumes

Lilly McEvoy, as a zombie, won best costume 
for her grade 5 class!

Dominic Coulter is the winner for his grade 5 class 
as Indiana Jones.  
Aden Munn, the dinosaur rider, 
won best costume for his grade 4 class! 

Thomas Hallihan, grade 3, won best costume 
as Micheal Jackson!

Jayda Jardine, grade 2, 
was the beautiful unicorn and won best costume!

Ali Kelly, the zombie school girl, 
won best costume for her grade 2 class.

Tristan Willson, who is dressed up as Jack Skeleton, 
won best costume for Mrs. Lyons grade 1 class!

Rylan Hallihan won best costume 
for his grade 1 class.

Kenson Warren, the monkey, 
won best costume for his kindergarten class.