Thursday, October 19, 2017

Athletes Of The Month - September

High School Boys - Garett Donohue
The High School male athlete of the month for September is Garett Donohue.  He received the acknowledgment for being an all-around player. Donohue is a great team player, he plays many positions very well when called upon. Garett has played Goalie, Fullback and Forward for the boys team; he is a big part of the team being undefeated, so far.  He plays a big role on the High School Boys team and helps in its success. Garett has high expectations for the season. He would like to win another provincial title. Donahue has 2 goals in this season and came up big in the net, coming home with a 2-1 win against Stanley.  Garett believes the boys have the team to make it all the way.

High School Girls - Laura Colford

The High School female athlete of the month of September is Laura Colford.  She received this acknowledgment because of her involvement in soccer. Laura is the center midfielder for most games and controls the midfield.  She always plays hard and never gives up on a play. Colford has 3 goals in this season and hopes to continue to create scoring opportunities for the girls. She puts in countless hours on and off the field during the season and off-season practicing and improving. Laura hopes that the girls have a big weekend to help them secure a spot in regionals.  She believes the girls have had a very good season so far and have the potential to go all the way.

Middle School Boys - Thomas Dunn

The Middle School male athlete of the month for September is Thomas Dunn, for his great achievements in soccer. He scored 5 goals in one game this season and is a great team player and all-around athlete.  He gets along very well with others and works hard in and out of school.  Thomas is a striker for the boy's team, and he has scored 10 goals this season within 5 games.  Dunn has high hopes to make it through the jamboree and come out with the banner.

Middle School Girls - Kensen Brennan

The Middle School female athlete of the month of September is Kensen Brennan for her involvement in soccer.  Kensen is the captain of the middle school girls soccer team.  Brennan is a very hard worker and always gives 100% effort.  Kensen plays because she enjoys the thrill of the game.  She is a striker and has 2 goals and 1 assist so far this season.  Brennan has high hopes for the season and believes that they have the potential to come up big in the jamboree.  She is very happy with the performance of the team so far and believes they have the potential and skill to finish the season strong.

By Marlee Schofield and Daniel Richard