Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Helping Elementary Students Get Ready for Christmas
Elementary students will have a Christmas shopping experience right in their school this year thanks to the High School Student Council.

The High School Student Council will have gift items for sale to the elementary students on Wednesday, December 20. 

The Student Council is asking for donations so that the elementary students can have lots of gift options for their mom, dad, brother, sister, or anyone else on their shipping lists.

The gifts will be very affordable, costing only $2.00 each. 

The price also includes Christmas wrapping. When a gift is purchased, Blackville School's elves will make sure the gifts are all wrapped and ready to go so that they can be opened on Christmas morning. 

Elementary teacher Tammy Manderville said, "It is such a great idea because kids don't always get to go somewhere to buy something for mom or dad, so this gives them the chance to get a gift or two for someone.  It is a wonderful idea."

By Olivia Buggie