Wednesday, November 8, 2017

People's Picks: Elementary

This week's teacher is Mlle Mindi. Mlle Mindi was chosen by Kalainy Jardine because she's very nice. When interviewing Mlle Mindi, she said her favourite childhood activity is camping, her favourite Christmas tradition is family gatherings and the first school she taught at was Blackville School. 
This week's staff member is Sonya Jardine. Sonya was chosen by Madison Vickers because she is really nice. When interviewing Sonya, she said that her favourite childhood activity was playing in her playhouse, her favourite Christmas tradition is getting together with family, and her favourite season is summer. 

 The student of the week is Riley Mullin chosen by Mrs.T. Manderville. Mrs. Manderville chose Riley because he is a hard worker and kind to everyone in the class. When interviewing Riley, he said his favourite colour was black, his favourite thing to do is play hockey, and his favourite class is Mrs. Manderville's class.