Thursday, November 2, 2017

Leadership Walk

Blackville School's Leadership 120 class held a 5 km community walk on Sunday, October 29.
Paul McKinnon, Madeline McKinnon and Emma McKinnon

Students, teachers, and community members gathered at the Blackville Municipal Park at 2:00 pm ready to go.  Leadership students, Tiffany Tucker, Megan Peterson, Delanie Coughlan, and Amber Furlong, were all there to get all walkers registered and to hand out complementary water bottles to all the participants.  

There were 40 walkers and the class raised $400. 

Leadership teacher, Matthew Sturgeon, said, "It was very well attended and the class was very glad to see the community participate."  Congratulations went out to all all the age division winners: Madeline McKinnon, Emma McKinnon, Emily Connors, Melissa Underhill and Lori Brophy.

Bruce Waugh won the draw for the Fitbit Charge.  Mr. Sturgeon was very pleased with the walk and very proud of the class' effort. 

It has been well over ten years since Blackville School has hosted a community walk by the Leadership 120 class. It is hoped that the walk will remain an annual event. 

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By Olivia Buggie